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The Department of Environment, Haryana is a Ministry and department of the Government of Haryana in India. This department came into existence when Haryana was established as a new state within India after being separated from Punjab. This department looks after environmental related concerns in the state of Haryana.


गतिविधियां और पर्यावरण विभाग की उपलब्धियां 2015-16

While the government of Haryana is committed to ensure all around development of the State, the department of Environment is taking necessary steps for protecting and preserving our environment. Conscious and focused efforts have been made to create awareness among the citizens regarding the urgency and importance of preserving our environment.

The Department of Environment is vigorously implementing various enactments and acts to tackle, environmental pollution problems like the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981. Besides, enforcement and implementation of these Acts, various laws regulating pollution caused by Bio-medical waste, hazardous waste, solid waste, use of plastic etc. are also being effectively implemented in the State of Haryana. The Haryana State Pollution Control Board is the implementing agency and department of environment exercises administrative control over its functioning.

The department of environment has also been declared the competent state authority to accord approval for suitability of site from environmental angel for 20 types of highly polluting large and medium industrial units. Accordingly, the department has accorded site clearance from the environmental angel to 13 projects during the years 2005-07 on the recommendation of the Technical Committee duly constituted by the department for this purpose.