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The Environment Department was set up in the State of Haryana in the year 1989 with a view of effectively coordinate the activities taken up by the various agencies /departments of the State Government to control pollution and preservation of environment. The Environment Department has taken necessary steps to maintain the ecological balance and keep environment fee from pollution. The main objectives of Board is on enforcement of various environmental laws enacted by the Government of India with reference to Industries, Municipal Bodies, vehicles and preservation of environment in general. The department also formulated certain schemes/activities for conservation and preservation of the environment.


  1. The referral Laboratory has been set up by the Department for monitoring the quality of Air and Water in the State by Collecting samples from Industries, rivers, Ponds and religious place. Ambient Air samples are also being taken.
  2. Special Environment Courts at Faridabad and Hisar have yielded good results as these Environment courts are disposing of the cases pertaining to offenses under Environment Acts speedily. Due to increased numbers of cases under various Environment Acts, Indian Forest Act & Wildlife Act in Ambala, Morni, Y/Nagar and in response of CM Announcement in “Sarkar Apke Swar” the Hisar Court has been shifted to Kurukshetra and started functioning from 1-7-2002.
  3. The Department has taken up program of educating public on various environmental aspects by distributing resource materials on environment in the shape of Pamphlets, brochures, Posters and panels bearing environmental slogans on Haryana Roadways Buses.
  4. The Department is also formulating State Bio-Diversity Strategy Action Plan for State of Haryana. The experts from Various Departments, social Organizations and public participated in workshop at Yamuna Nagar. The same has been finally prepared and submitted to GOI.
  5. Electroplating Units which were scattered in Faridabad Town were persuaded and have been allotted land in Sec.58, by HUDA where a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) is likely to be completed by the end of this financial year.
  6.  The Dying Units at Panipat are also in progress of shifting from residential area to Sector 29, where the facilities of CETP would be provided by the Panipat Environment Management Society.
  7. 13th Meeting of Environment Protection Council was held on 25-4-2003 under the Chairmanship of His Excellency. The Governor of Haryana where various issues relating to environment were discussed.
  8.  The Department has already identified a Stone Crushing Zone at Pali in Faridabad District and seeing the increasing demand for more stone Crushers the department had to develop new Stone Crushing Zone at Village Dhoj, Faridabad.
  9. The Environment Department provided GIA amounting Rs. 1.00 Lac to Urban Development Department, Haryana to collect the Solid Waste from door to door to dispose off in proper way.
  10. The State Government had declared the Department as Competent Authority for site clearance from environment angle. The Department had received an application for resisting of Px / PTA in Panipat Refinery Complex, IOCL, Panipat for site clearance which has been cleared.
  11. The State Government has constituted Expert Committee and Monitoring Committee for granting environmental clearance and monitoring the compliance of the condition imposed in the clearance letter in Aravalli Region in Distt. Gurgaon. The Department has granted Environmental Clearance to 80 mines till today.
  12. The State Government also constituted Designated Authority for appraising and recommending mining project of major minerals having area up to 5 ha.and minor minerals irrespective of any area for the State of Haryana except. Distt. Gurgaon. 12 meetings of Designated Authority have been held and 25 numbers of projected were accorded environmental clearance till date.
  13. In compliance to the condition at S.No. 2 of Notification No. S.O. 1189 (E) dated 29-11-1999 issued by MOEF, GOI. The State Government has prepared Master Plan for Distt. Gurgaon and the same was published in Haryana Government extraordinary Gazette Notification dated 28-09-2002.
  14. 2850 Eco- Clubs in Schools @ 150 per District have been formed under National Green Corps Scheme. Two Master Trainers from each District and in charge of Eco-Clubs have been trained. One day refresher course for Master Trainers held on 12-05-2002 at Panipat. Besides this 18 Kendriya Vidyalyas in Haryana State have also formed Eco-Clubs and their teacher incharge have been trained for two days on 28th & 29th Sep.2002. Though, the GOI is covering only 100 schools per districts.
  15.  The Department has prepared a Website, launched and inaugurated by Sh. D.S. Dhesi, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary Environment Department on 7-3-2002.
  16. The Department made efforts and achieved progress through HSPCB in getting the Bio-Medical Waste Rules, 1998, and Other rules under various Acts implemented.

The department supervises the activities of Haryana State Pollution Control Board. The Environment Department is committed to giving better environment to the citizens. The regular public hearing is organized with co-ordination of HSPCB. The Department takes necessary corrective steps on the complaints of citizens. The Department has also framed various rules and notifications to provide a better environment to the citizens.

The department has appointed experienced and efficient staff for the functioning of this Department headed by Director. The list of officers is attached at Annexure-‘A’.


  1. Haryana Water Pollution Control Board was constituted on 19-09-1974 to provide for prevention and Control of water Pollution and maintaining or restoring wholesomeness of water vide Notification No.86/(4) (iv) 74/33298 dated 19-9-1974. The State Pollution Control Board was also entrusted with the additional responsibility of implementing the water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977 with a view of augmenting the resources of the State Pollution Control Boards constituted under water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974. The Haryana State Pollution Control Board was also given additional responsibilities under Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 to take appropriate steps for preservation of quality of Air and Control of Air Pollution because the presence of air beyond certain limits of various pollutants discharges through certain human activates connected connected with use of domestic fuel, traffic heating refuse, incineration etc. has a detrimental effect on the health of people as also on animal’s life, vegetation and property . This act envisages an integrated approach for tackling such problems.
  2.  The Board collects receipt from various industrial units on account of consent fee Water/ Air, NOC fee, sample testing fee, authorization fee, Hazardous waste Management fee and other Misc. receipts such as appeal fee, legal fee etc.
  3. The Board also collects Cess Fess from various units and Municipal committees etc. and remits same to Government of India. The GOI reimburse its 80% share to the Board for its expenses.
  4. Salary of the Staff is disbursed on the first of every month.
  5.  The Board prepared its final account every year and submit to the Government after these are authenticated by the Chartered Accountant appointed by the State Government.
  6. The list of Class-I and Class-II Officers of the Board and their telephone numbers are given in Annexure ‘B’.